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At Shoff Door Co., Inc. We Strive to Fix Your Garage Door

Whenever possible but sometimes, it is necessary to replace the door.

Installing a new garage door can easily enhance the curb appeal and value of your home. Furthermore, by replacing your garage door, you solve all your garage door problems at once. There are 3 things to consider when buying a new door – quality, appearance and cost. At Shoff Door Co., Inc. we only recommend the highest quality garage doors.

Also, if you are building a new home, you would want a quality garage door and that is the only kind of door we install – high quality garage doors! Builders cut corners wherever possible and the garage door is an easy place for them to cut corners.

You can trust Shoff Door Co., Inc. never cut corners and always use the highest quality garage doors.


We are a factory authorized Haas Door dealer and can get any door you’d like.

Not All Doors Are Created Equal

A lot of garage doors look really nice but they are poorly constructed and poorly installed.
There are 3 factors that determine how long a door will last…

Garage Door Construction


Residential doors are either insulated or non-insulated. Non-insulated is straight forward. It is a 2” hollow frame door. Insulated doors however can be tricky to know if you are getting a good quality door. At Shoff Door Co., Inc. we do not cut corners on quality! We offer two types of insulated doors; 1-sided steel, 2” fully insulated with laminate back and 2-sided steel, polyurethane injected, dense core.

Many insulated doors being sold on the market today are of inferior quality. Some manufacturers cut corners and try to trick consumers. Many say their doors are “2” insulated”. What they really mean is a 2” door frame with only 5/8” insulation and low insulation value. At Shoff Door Co., Inc. you will find 2” fully insulated 8 R-value garage doors. Our 1-sided steel doors have a one piece, 2” thick insulation glued in place then covered with a laminate back.

Some companies sell imitation 2-sided steel doors and call it “high end”. The door has steel on both sides but the insulation inside is Styrofoam. This creates air space inside the door, making it tin-like and not well insulated. Our 2-sided steel doors are the real thing with a Polyurethane injected core. Polyurethane expands and hardens, leaving no air space. This makes a dense solid door with high insulation value. At Shoff Door Co., Inc., you will find truly high-end doors made with quality in mind at an affordable price.

Hardware Package

The hardware package refers to everything but the door panels. The hardware package includes the rollers, hinges, springs, tracks, etc. Many installers use the cheapest hardware available even on good doors. Cheap hinges will crack and cause the door to go off tracks. Many builders and installers use bearingless rollers. Without ball bearings, the rollers drag and cause the door to ride very rough. A door that is riding rough can easily go off tracks and it be more susceptible to breaking.

Most builders and other installers use only one spring and over time this causes the end bearing plates to break. Sometimes the spring that builders install is not even the right size. When installing a new door, we always use torsion springs. Torsion springs balance the door better and the door works smoother. We use 2 torsion springs that join in the middle whenever possible and our springs are always calibrated correctly to the door we are installing.

We use high quality, wide-body, 14-gauge hinges, making them highly unlikely to ever break. The tracks we use are made from high quality steel and are roll formed. This means the edges are rolled, making it very hard for the rollers to ever come out on their own.

We upgrade every complete door that leaves our warehouse with strut braces included in the price of our doors. Struts are reinforcement braces that prevent metal fatigue and panel cracking. Many doors are being sold with zero struts and in a short amount of time, the door will crack and fall apart. At Shoff Door Co., Inc. your investment is important to us. You can rest assured
we only sell and install the best products available.

Who is installing it

When it comes to a garage door, proper installation is probably the single most important factor when it comes to the longevity of a garage door. Many companies do now install garage doors correctly which leads to a lot more problems in the long run. Knowing how to correctly install a door a skill acquired from experience. Installing many garage doors and seeing and repairing the mistakes of other companies is what makes us the best at installing garage doors.

At Shoff Door Co., Inc. we have expertise to install a door the best way possible. Every house is unique and requires a unique installation to keep a door working for many trouble-free years. You can trust Shoff Door Co., Inc. to install your door properly.

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